The Lansing Journal journeys: Camping in Michigan City


submitted by Dave and Janice Schurman

“Our location wasn’t far or exotic, just to Michigan City Campground,” said Dave Schurman. “We got our print edition Thursday afternoon while we were finishing packing and decided it had to come along.”

Janice Schurman reads The Lansing Journal at a campsite in Michigan City. (Photo: Dave Schurman)
Dave Schurman’s cousin Mike Schoon took a picture of their campsite (center, green flag) with his drone. (Photo: Mike Schoon)

About The Lansing Journal Journeys

The Lansing Journal Journeys is an award-winning feature that showcases people displaying The Lansing Journal in creative locations.

We initiated the series because we are a community newspaper, and we like to see community faces in our pages and community names in our photo credits.

To participate, your location doesn’t have to be exotic or far; it just has to have The Lansing Journal in it somewhere. Email photos to [email protected] and tell us:

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