Local Voices: Missing Bakers Square

The Bakers Square at 3545 Ridge Road in Lansing, Illinois, suddenly closed on Saturday, January 25, 2020. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)
by Ashley Cushing

Delicious French dip sandwiches. Tomato basil soup. Freshly-baked pies of many flavors. Feeling like you walked into someone’s dining room at home, and they didn’t mind at all.

These are just some of the fond memories I have of the former Bakers Square restaurant on Ridge Road, and when I read on The Lansing Journal’s website that they went bankrupt and closed their doors around 2020 – just before the pandemic started — I felt devastated.

For me and my family, it’s a place which held a lot of significance over the years: gatherings, birthdays, graduations, or just relaxing. Now, after three years of it being vacant, with summer on the horizon, I feel that the Village needs another family restaurant similar to it in that location, especially with the 2022 concert season starting soon at Fox Pointe. It would be a great stopover to and from the entertainment venue, and I believe my fellow residents would love to have a happy place like that again.

Lansing has always had big possibilities and small-town charm. Let’s never forget that.

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  1. You said it perfectly! Many years of memories with my family there. The staff was even family. We even recognized other regulars. Baker Square is truly missed and there’s nothing like it in Lansing.

  2. Bakers Square was great nice place to eat or just stop for coffee and pie ! We can thank Crook County And the state of Illinois for there greed and taxes.These businesses can’t survive because of taxes and crooked poloticians. It will set as a white elephant for along time !

  3. I miss it so much! I knew the waitresses and they knew me. I felt bad that they closed so suddenly that I never got to say goodbye. Great neighborhood restaurant.

  4. Yes, I agree. Baker’s Square was a regular for me and my family. If only it could come back or, if not, another restaurant of equal quality.

  5. We used to go to Bakers Square every Sunday after church. It was like a “family” there and we especially miss our waitresses who were like old friends. There is still a Bakers Square in Indiana, RT 30 and 41, but Andrea and Theresa are no longer working for Bakers Square. I hope they see this and I wish them well. We miss you. Pat

    • Andrea is working at Bath and Body Works in River Oaks mall. Saw her 2 weeks ago when I ran down there.

  6. Thanks SO much, Ashley!! I hope your article makes a difference and that SOME business will finally take over. There’s been lots of grumbling and crabbing about this — fingers crossed that this helps in some way!!!!

  7. Ready for this folks. The property taxes for this building per year is $89,000 / 12 = and that is about $7,416.00 per month. That is a major expense – major for any business especially for a restaurant.

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