Video: What’s life like for us?


LANSING, Ill. (April 22, 2022) – This week’s video has been a couple weeks in progress, as Melanie and Josh took time to chronicle some of the expected and unexpected parts of their lives as Lansing Journal journalists.

Planning for print

Yes, that’s right, The Lansing Journal is planning a print issue. Learn more below:

Checking the mail

  • If you’d like to make Melanie and Scout’s day, consider sending a note or a donation to PO Box 742 in Lansing. Giving online is good, too.

Weather in the neighborhood

  • Check out Melanie’s collection of weather photos in our weather category. If you’ve got a weather-related photo of your neighborhood, share it with us at [email protected].

Township travels

Read the two stories that came out of Josh and Melanie’s trip to Thornton Township below:

Business in Lansing

Getting the story straight at Memorial Jr. High

Read the story that came out of Josh’s day of reporting on the recent incident at Memorial:

Good Friday video

Dropping by Dolton

Josh’s trip to the Dolton Board meeting on April 18 yielded the story below:

Common Ground information

Visit our Common Ground category page for more information about the program.

Tacos & Burritos Rancho Grande now open



  1. The Lansing Journal is awesome ! They are spot on with a lot of Lansing news . I can’t praise enough the fine job they do on their weekly video ! I t was an awesome decision by the staff of the Journal to do this !

    • Thank you, Herby! The videos are a lot of work, but we do enjoy doing them! Thanks for letting us know you appreciate them.

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