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Lansing Library seeks new trustee

Deadline for applicants is May 2

Information provided by the Lansing Public Library

LANSING, Ill. (April 10, 2022) – After fifteen years of service, Judy Koch has decided to step down as a Library Board Trustee. The Lansing Public Library now has an opening for an appointment to fulfill the rest of her term. This term of office is up for election in the spring of 2025.

Under Illinois law (75 ILCS 16/) Public Library District Act of 1991, all persons interested in becoming a library trustee must meet the following criteria 1) they have lived in the community for at least one year 2) have paid their library taxes, and 3) have not been convicted of a felony.

The Lansing Library Board of Trustees invites interested qualified Lansing residents to submit a Letter of Interest describing why they are interested in the position, and what qualities or qualifications would help them serve as a trustee for the organization.

Submit Letters of Interest no later than May 2, 2022, by 7:45 p.m. Applicants may bring the letter into the library and deliver it by hand. Mark it to the attention of the Library Director, Lisa Korajczyk or email the letter to [email protected].

The Lansing Public Library is located at 2750 Indiana Avenue.

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