Local Voices: Kindness

by Gail Blom

I just wanted to write about the kindness my family experienced from Beggars Pizza in Lansing.

Following the death of my nephew, Mark Gritters, we were looking for a luncheon venue. I found many closed doors due to the labor shortage.

Mark’s favorite food was pizza and Beggars (another location) was a frequent choice. So my first call was to Beggars. I was told they were only doing take-out and a serve-yourself option similar to a fast food set-up. But even with self-service, they could not accommodate a group as large as ours.

So I made many more inquiries, with no luck. I decided to try Beggars again. I spoke to a manager Sunday evening and told him Mark’s story and asked if they would reconsider letting us serve ourselves. He said he would get back to me.

The next phone call rendered good news: We could meet at Beggars. Not only that, we would get table service!

We had a grand time. Esmerelda and Bianca ran for two hours waiting on us. My sister (Mark’s mom) and I are so grateful for their efforts and the results!

I’ve included some pictures below of our family gathering at Beggars Pizza.

Gail Blom

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