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Cook County seeks public input in ADA transition plan

Information provided by Cook County

CHICAGO, Ill. (February 9, 2022) – Cook County recently published an ADA Transition Plan to update certain pedestrian facilities to better serve all citizens. The county is now asking for the public to review the plan and provide any comments.

The plan can be read at Comments can be submitted here.

The plan says, “The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways’ Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan is intended to identify and outline the goals, objectives, and actions to ensure that all of its facilities, services, programs, and activities in the public right-of-way are accessible to all individuals.

A few items to note before submitting comments:

  • The transition plan pertains to pedestrian facilities within the Cook County highway right-of-way and doesn’t cover public buildings.
  • Sidewalks (between curb ramps) are the maintenance responsibility of the local municipality.
  • Bus shelters are the responsibility of the respective transit agency or municipality.
  • Facilities within the limits of the City of Chicago are the responsibility of Chicago.
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