Local Voices: ‘I just love this community!’

contributed by Connie Simon

The light turned green, but the car in front of Connie didn’t move. Rather than honk in irritation, Connie got out of her car and asked the woman in the stopped car if everything was ok.

The woman inside was distressed, but she spoke in a language Connie didn’t recognize, so Connie wasn’t sure what was wrong. The language didn’t seem like Spanish, but the car was stopped near La Michoacana Compi, so Connie began asking other drivers who were stopped behind her, “Do you speak Spanish?” As they drove by, a young girl and her father answered yes, and turned onto the side street, prepared to help. The young man in the car behind Connie also waited patiently, in case the stopped car needed to be pushed.

However, as the father and daughter approached the stopped car, the woman suddenly drove off. “We all shrugged our shoulders, giggled, and thanked each other for stopping and trying to assist,” said Connie.

What was remarkable to Connie was that as she was trying to find someone to help, none of the people who drove past seemed angry or impatient. “They all wanted to help!” said Connie. “They were concerned about the woman, and they were apologetic that they didn’t speak Spanish. How sweet is that?!”

Connie continued her trip, heading to La Michoacana Compi for some “fabulous cappuccino ice cream.” As she stood in line, the door opened and in walked the young girl and father who had tried to help the lady! The three do-gooders chatted and laughed about the incident. Soon another customer entered, and she shared a story of Lansing people who helped a driver shovel out of a snow drift, also without any impatience, just good-natured helpfulness.

“All of this happened on Saturday within the space of a half hour,” said Connie. “Isn’t that wonderful? I just love this community!

“The overwhelming kindness in our community gets overshadowed sometimes, but I want you to know goodness and mercy is prominent in our beautiful town!”

“Share your witness of Random Acts of Kindness,” urges Connie. “Let’s spread the word!”

Story told by Connie Simon, Lansing resident

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