Local Voices: News from Las Vegas

by Frank Fetters, former Lansing resident and current Lansing Journal reader

In case people in my former hometown are interested, I thought I’d write about what is going on with me here in Las Vegas. (This is why I haven’t been commenting on Lansing Journal stories lately!)

I am currently collaborating with Moses Hazan on a musical play we call “Alien Buffet.” Moses Hazan is an amazing and talented character who kind of reminds me of the actor Nathan Lane. Moses was born in Morocco and then emigrated with the rest of his family to Canada before moving to the U.S. and, eventually, to Las Vegas. For several years, he was the Musical Director at the Golden Gate Hotel here in Vegas.

Moses and I collaborated in 2016 on a musical play about Marilyn Monroe that was mildly successful, so we thought we should try again by telling a strange and humorous tale of aliens who have come to Earth to use a machine to remove the calories and fats from all foods without destroying the taste. Their plan is to then transport skinny earthlings to a distant planet where starving extraterrestrials will not eat fat. If you asked me what “style” this show will have, I would say, “Think: Mel Brooks.” Moses and I fancy that this experience has a chance to become the ultimate play-and-a-show event here in Las Vegas, which — as I’m sure you know — has been hit harder by COVID than just about anywhere else in America. The play is called “Alien Buffet” because, before the show, a buffet will be served, and afterward the play will be performed.

We don’t have any takers so far, but we are in the tryout phase where potential backers will get an opportunity to see the show and decide whether to invest in it. We plan to try the show out in three venues. One of the tryouts will take place in a high-end, upscale community known as “The Lakes” here in Nevada. We are considering a second one that will play in the historic Nevada Room just south of Sahara Avenue. Of the aspects that make this site historical is the fact the Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, et al) used to eat lunch there when they were in town. Another thing I found interesting is that the co-owner of the Nevada Room, whose name I didn’t get, talked about his good friend, Josh Logan. I’m just guessing, but I think he meant Joshua Logan, who directed Marilyn Monroe in Bus Stop. We are also considering GoFundMe.

Just thought readers might be interested in the adventures of a TF South alum as well as the process of developing a show in Vegas. If we make it to a full-scale production venue, I will send a “news” story to The Lansing Journal! I imagine the first sentence of the article will say something like, “Frank Fetters, a former Lansing resident and member of the first graduating class of TF South High School (Class of 1959) is collaborating on a musical play entitled ‘Alien Buffet,’ which is expected to open soon in Las Vegas.”

Wish me luck!

Frank Fetters

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  1. Good luck Frank!

    You are very talented, and with that being said, I am absolutely sure the musical play “Alien Buffet” will be very successful.

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