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Finishing strong; beginning stronger

A special thank-you for December supporters

LANSING, Ill. (January 1, 2022) – New Year’s Eve was a busy time at The Lansing Journal: SO MANY of you responded to our request for year-end help! And I was eager to get those gifts recorded and those thank-you emails sent before midnight. Whether you are a long-time supporter of this community newspaper or a newcomer to our family of givers, you helped us finish 2021 strong. Thank you.

The Lansing Journal has published 5,537 articles since going online in 2017. That kind of reporting is possible because of early believers who started supporting us right away. Those early gifts got us this far, and we are grateful.

Just as important are the new supporters who joined us this month. November and December are the height of “giving season” in the world of fundraising, and we are grateful for all of you who stepped up and responded to the need. That kind of growth is essential in order for us to grow our capacity to cover local news.

When you look at the lists of names below, will you join us in saying thank-you? All these people helped us finish 2021 strong, which means we can begin 2022 even stronger.

Thank you, December supporters

Monthly sustainers

We are so grateful for people who are able to commit to a recurring gift of a set amount each month. Those gifts have long-term impact because they allow us to plan with confidence. And monthly gifts involve lower administrative costs, which allows us to focus on news. The list below includes all our monthly sustainers who gave gifts in December:

  1. Anonymous Supporters
  2. Anonymous Believer
  3. Anonymous Friends
  4. Lindsey and Saad Abbasy
  5. Karen Adams
  6. American Legion Riders
  7. Anthony Arnold
  8. Donna Marshall Attinello
  9. Jennifer Avenatti
  10. Judith Beezhold
  11. Dan Bergan
  12. Wes and Joy Blocker
  13. Bob Boer
  14. Dan and Kristy Bootsma
  15. Debbie Boroviak
  16. Susan Bovino
  17. Theresa Bresnahan
  18. Joseph Bugajski
  19. Marsha Bultema
  20. John Bush
  21. Maryann Centracchio
  22. Kathleen and William Clausing
  23. Laurel Clausing
  24. Greg and Jane Compeau
  25. Marlene Cook
  26. Diane Costello
  27. Denise Cox
  28. Kerry Czarobski
  29. Tricia Deblock
  30. Owen Decking
  31. Patricia Deckinga
  32. Antoinette DeLaurentis
  33. Debra DeNardo
  34. Deborah Dennis
  35. Fran Duffy
  36. Barb Dust
  37. Rich Dust
  38. Don Dykstra
  39. Roseann Dykstra
  40. Pamela Edrington
  41. Alexa Edwards
  42. Edwin H. Lugowski, Jr., AIA, Architect
  43. Martina Eldsmoe
  44. Margaret Evans
  45. Sandra Farmer
  46. Frank Fetters
  47. Fine Tune Auto
  48. Marilyn Freeman
  49. Jim and Judy Friesema
  50. Tina Funchion
  51. Geraldine Giglio
  52. Edward Gonzalez
  53. Jacob Gourley
  54. Cynthia Griffiths
  55. Patty Grigutis
  56. Diane Hacker
  57. Brian Hanigan
  58. Jan Hansen
  59. Brian and Kathy Hardy
  60. Cam and Megan Harvey
  61. Julie Hiskes
  62. Ted and Helen Hnatusko
  63. Marjorie Holme
  64. Mark Hornung
  65. Donna Huizenga
  66. Smilja Ivancevic
  67. Stephanie Jansma
  68. Arlo and Brenda Kallemeyn
  69. Jean Klacik
  70. Nicole Kleidon
  71. Frank Knittle
  72. Judith Koch
  73. Anita Kowalisyn
  74. Pat Kremer
  75. Cynthia Krusza
  76. Mark and Missy Krygsheld
  77. Jill Laboy
  78. Cheryl LaMar
  79. Pamela Lancy
  80. Bruce Langman
  81. David Larsen
  82. Morris Lewis
  83. Judy Lohr-Safcik
  84. Jim and Suzanne Long
  85. John Long
  86. Luci Lugowski
  87. Rich and Diane Lund
  88. Kathleen Maanum
  89. Chanta Manson
  90. Michele Marek
  91. Barbara McKinney
  92. Dehlia Mendoza
  93. Lynda Mendoza
  94. Roberto Mendoza
  95. Christine Merchat
  96. Martha Montiel
  97. Keith Morlock
  98. Chuck Murach
  99. Marilou Ooms
  100. Grant Oppenhuis
  101. Gregory Ott
  102. Mary Beth Palka
  103. Thomas Panichi
  104. Robert Parrent
  105. Moira Peterson
  106. Gabriel Pierce
  107. Susan Planer
  108. Rosemarie Polgar
  109. Jay and Chris Popp
  110. Joanne Pritchard
  111. Sherlena Puyol
  112. Jean Qualls
  113. Penelope Rellis
  114. Rose Rivas
  115. Jane Roseen
  116. Kristin Russell
  117. Jennifer Saia
  118. Wendy Sanders
  119. Ann Schenkel
  120. Roberta Schopp-Coe
  121. Sandy Schultz
  122. Dave and Janice Schurman
  123. Pete and Shirley Schurman
  124. Fred and Patti Seibel
  125. Connie Simon
  126. Todd Simon
  127. Mike and Denise Skrbina
  128. Slaughter & Associates
  129. Michelle Smith
  130. Frieda Smits
  131. Richard Smits
  132. Reba Spilis
  133. Kelsee Stallinga
  134. Dan Stamper
  135. John Stole
  136. Jim Sweeney
  137. Debbie Terpstra
  138. Linda Todd
  139. Karen and Gammon Trimuel
  140. Virginia and John Ulaszek
  141. Leo Valencia
  142. Wendy Van Der Aa
  143. Jill Van Kuiken
  144. James Van Milligen
  145. Arlyn VanEk
  146. Gerrit Veenstra
  147. Tim Vermeer
  148. Sandy Vree
  149. Sandra Wagner
  150. Scott Wagner
  151. Phyllis Warsen
  152. Waters Edge Aquascaping
  153. Dave Wilford
  154. Adrienne Winchester
  155. Bob and Jean Wood
  156. Dana Wood
  157. Patricia Yos
  158. Chris Zdanowski
  159. Char Zralka

Impromptu givers

Many people are not able to commit to a monthly gift, but they give on their own schedule, or they step up in response to a specific need or appeal. In fact, some of the names below also appear on the list of monthly givers because they gave a special gift this month in addition to their regular sustained giving. We are grateful for the following supporters who gave in December:

  1. Anonymous Friend
  2. Anonymous Resident
  3. Anonymous Supporter
  4. Anonymous Giver
  5. A & S Painting
  6. James and Kathleen Adduci
  7. Adam Anhalt
  8. Yvette Bickcom
  9. Gloria Biondi
  10. Nancy Boukal
  11. David Brickman
  12. Maria Cabrera
  13. Ann Chilla
  14. Sharon Clark
  15. Ann DeBoer
  16. Marion Demchak
  17. Cathy DeYoung
  18. Joyce Dykstra
  19. Donna Fefee
  20. Rebecca Furlong
  21. Evelyn Gossman
  22. Tony and Maureen Grady-Perovich
  23. Phyllis Gritters
  24. Sonia E. Gutierrez
  25. Rebecca Haan
  26. Valorie Harris
  27. Stacey Hastings
  28. Carla Huang
  29. Patricia Jaracz
  30. Milka Jerkan
  31. Manuel Juarez
  32. Arlo and Brenda Kallemeyn
  33. Terry and Cheryl Kapteyn
  34. Linda Koselke
  35. Judy Kuzemka
  36. Clem and Barb Lessner
  37. Deadre Lorber
  38. Ed Marco
  39. Barbara McKinney
  40. Joyce Mulder
  41. Anonymous Neighbor
  42. Paul Orich
  43. Gregory Ott
  44. Bryan Paliga
  45. Karen Parker
  46. Lynn Potter
  47. Rosalie Prystalski
  48. Lorraine Przybyl
  49. Rosalie Putignano
  50. Karen Rentfro
  51. Monica Hammond Scheppe
  52. Schultz Insurance Agency
  53. Gloria and Robert Sharer
  54. Brenda Singleton
  55. Rich and Frieda Smits
  56. Diane Spallina
  57. Tom and Terri Stallinga
  58. Kirstin Stellfox
  59. Raymond Sutorius
  60. Jim Sweeney
  61. Victoria Szewczyk
  62. Carol Taylor
  63. Mary Teyro
  64. Diane Togtman
  65. Catherine Van Eck
  66. Arlyn VanEk
  67. Jeri Villa
  68. Karen Vrdolyak
  69. Josie Whiting-Smith
  70. Becky Wynsma

Friends, thank you all for joining us in this mission of building community through balanced, reliable, local news. We are grateful for your partnership, and we are excited about continuing and growing the work in the coming year.
thank you

Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma grew up in Lansing, Illinois, and believes The Lansing Journal has an important role to play in building community through trustworthy information.


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