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TFS Sports round-up: Girls basketball wins big, boys bowling rolls on

December 7–8, 2021

As part of The Lansing Journal’s ongoing efforts to increase sports coverage at TF South, we have asked TFS coaches to provide us with information about their matches/games. The Lansing Journal posts these scores and summaries multiple times per week in a “TFS Sports round-up.”

This post has been updated to reflect a boys basketball game on December 7.

By Josh Bootsma

LANSING, Ill. (December 8, 2021) — The scores for December 7 – 8 are below:

Tuesday, December 7

TFS Boys Bowling

Opponent: Tinley Park High School

Score: TFS beat Tinley Park 1946-1831.

High games went to Ethan Modjeski (232) and Jacobi Morton (226), with the high series going to Modjeski (433).

TFS Girls Bowling

Opponent: Tinley Park High School

Score: TFS fell to Tinley Park 1671-1182.

High games went to Jenna Blank (155) and Angie Gonzalez (137), with the high series going to Blank (273). TFS Girls Bowling is now 0-3 on the season.

TFS Girls Basketball

Opponent: Eisenhower High School

Score: TFS blew out Eisenhower 57-23

Points leaders were: Tariya Wright (15) and Markeyta Nelson (10).

TFS Boys Basketball

Opponent: Eisenhower High School

Score: TFS defeated Eisenhower 60-44.

TF South had a balanced scoring attack with Marqell Wilson leading the team in scoring with 15 points, Lyonel Hodges with 11, Dwain Nash with 10, while Xavier Lewis and Caleb Newman each contributed 9 points. TFS is now 2-4 overall and 1-1 in conference.

Wednesday, December 8

No games.

The TF Sports sports schedule can be found here. TF South is located at 18500 Burnham Avenue, Lansing, IL.


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Josh Bootsma
Josh Bootsma
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