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Local counselor Debra Mitchell shares relationship advice in multiple books

By Carrie Steinweg

LANSING, Ill. (October 18, 2021) – Debra Mitchell of Chicago has been a mentor and motivational speaker for more than 30 years and has a lot of advice to give on relationships. The psychologist and counselor has shared some of her suggestions for women navigating the dating world in several books.

“Most of the girls and women that I work with have no idea how to date and look for their soulmate. I help them explore whether or not they are ready to be in a relationship, if they have time to invest in a relationship, and if they realize they are whole with or without a man,” said Mitchell.

The award-winning author has penned three books that can help guide women to finding the right partner and having a successful relationship.

“I’ve been happily married for 35 years with two children who are both college graduates. If I can have a healthy and happy marriage, they can too,” she said.

Three books

Mitchell’s first book was published in 2009, titled Center of Attention. She calls it a “dating handbook.” The book is meant to “empower women to take control of their lives and look at their situations objectively,” she explained. It covers a variety of topics, with chapters titled, “Looking for Love,” “Identifying Abusive Relationships,” and “Get Prepared To Do Your Homework.”

“I was inspired by my mentees to write something that they could use while dating different prospects,” she said. “Since I’m unable to go on dates with them, they encouraged me to write something they could refer to and evaluate the date. This way, they could objectively decide if he was worth a second date.”

Photo: Carrie Steinweg

In 2016, she released Where Are Your Standards?, a book for women of all ages.

“It contains real life stores from women who wanted a platform to tell their relationship stories,” she said. “Most of them have suffered in silence. My hope is that their stories will change the lives of other women.”

Most recently, Mitchell tackled the topic of bad relationships and offered readers a look at the path to healthy relationships. The book — published last year — is called Is He Your Boo or Your Boo-Boo?

All three books are available for purchase online and can be found at the Chicago Public Library, Lansing Public Library, and Blue Island Public Library.

Sharing and helping

Prior to the pandemic, Mitchell spoke at numerous high schools, colleges, universities and community centers and looks forward to doing so again.

Mitchell works as a senior manager for an international consulting firm. Currently, she is a doctoral student earning her Ph.D. in business and psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

“I’m transitioning into private practice and will offer pro-bono counseling and therapy sessions to underserved communities,” she said.

She has won nine literary awards, earned positive reviews online, and is a member of numerous organizations and professional groups. At her coming-soon online store,, visitors can purchase tote bags, tumblers, face masks, and badges with her “I’m A Diva With Standards!” logo.


Carrie Steinweg
Carrie Steinweg
Carrie Steinweg is a freelance writer, photographer, author, and food and travel blogger who has lived in Lansing for 27 years. She most enjoys writing about food, people, history, and baseball. Her favorite Lansing Journal articles that she has written are: "Lan Oak Lanes attracts film crew," "Why Millennials are choosing Lansing," "Curtis Granderson returns home to give back," "The Cubs, the World Series, fandom, and family," and "Lansing's One Trick Pony Brewery: a craft beer oasis."