Video: On the scene at the Golden Bear Restaurant ribbon cutting

by Josh Bootsma

LANSING, Ill. (October 15, 2021) – This week’s video brought The Lansing Journal team to the north end of town for the ribbon cutting at Golden Bear Pancake and Crepery.




  • Golden Bear’s website is:, where menu information can be found.


Food sampling



  1. Saw the Golden Bear video. Did you know that in the 70’s there was a Golden Bear restaurant in Lansing. It was on 170th and Torrence next to American Sales. I believe today it is a phone business. It’s so funny no one mentioned this!!!

    • I did not know that, Mark! And I can’t even picture where that might have been. I do remember that there used to be an Al’s Diner where the T-mobile store is now, but I don’t remember a Golden Bear.

    • The Golden Bear Family Restaurants from the late 70’s/80’s – although having a similar name are NOT affiliated with the Golden Bear Pancake Restaurant Company – which currently has Alsip & Lansing locations. The other Golden Bear Family chain is no longer even in business.

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