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Paragon Freight — Lansing Planning and Zoning Board agenda 10/13/21

LANSING, Ill. (October 11, 2021) – All residents are welcome to attend Planning and Zoning Board meetings. The Planning and Zoning Board meets as needed, and per the Open Meetings Act they publish an agenda to notify the public of items that are up for discussion. Meetings typically begin at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays at the Municipal Court Complex (Lansing Police Department), 2710 170th Street.

Agenda 10/13/21, 6:30 p.m.

Roll Call

Paragon Freight, Inc. – 3125 Glenwood Lansing Rd.

  • Zoning Change from B2-Community Retail and Service to M1-Limited Manufacturing to allow a mid size trucking company

About the Planning and Zoning Board

The Planning and Zoning Board of Commissioners is a recommending body, not a decision-making body. It meets to discuss requests from businesses and residents for variances, special use permits, and other accommodations to Lansing’s Municipal Code of Ordinances. After reviewing requests and meeting with the requester, the P&Z Board votes to either recommend or not recommend approval of the request. That recommendation goes to the Village Board of Trustees, and they have the authority to approve or deny the request.

Josh Bootsma
Josh Bootsma
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    • Eb, the Park Board has supervision over Lansing parks. If someone were interested in building a Little Free Library in a park, that person could work with the Park Board about placement. Generally, Little Free Libraries are built by groups such as Boy Scouts, Lions Clubs, or churches. If you are interested in building one, more information is available here:

  1. So sad to see more natural area demolished by “development”. When is it ever going stop? When there is absolutely NOTHING left for wildlife? I certainly hope that this “developer” is going to save a whole lot more than the golf hole that someone died at over 50 yrs ago. Native conservation should be at the top of his list. That means preserving the native flora and/or planting NATIVE (as in what originally grew there 100 yrs ago). I applaud Lansing for turning it into a forest preserve & HOPE (for nature’s sake) we all agree to preserve that land.

    • Hi Eileen, thanks for commenting. Reading your comment, I think you may be referring to the old Lansing Country Club property? This agenda is about Paragon Freight, a trucking company located near the intersection of Burnham and Glenwood-Lansing Road. Also, the future of the Lansing portion of the country club property has not yet been decided, though the Forest Preserves of Cook County and Lan-Oak Park District are among entities interested in the property. More about that can be found in our recent article.

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