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TFS Sports round-up: Boys and girls cross country host at Erfert Park

September 14-15, 2021

As part of The Lansing Journal’s ongoing efforts to increase sports coverage at TF South, we have asked TFS coaches to provide us with information about their matches/games. The Lansing Journal will be posting these scores and summaries multiple times per week in a “TFS Sports round-up.”

LANSING, Ill. (September 15, 2021) — The scores for September 14-15:

Late reported score for September 13

TFS Golf

Opponent: Lemont High School

Score: TFS falls to Lemont (208-142)

TFS shot its team best on the season with a 208 at Centennial Park Golf Course in Munster. Leading the way for TFS was sophomore Andrew Danehl (50), senior Davey Mosele (52), junior Ethan Modjeski (53), and freshman Ryan Marnell (53).

“TF South continues to improve, shooting a season best 208 at Centennial vs. a stellar Lemont squad that shot two under par as a team,” said coach Matt Johnson.

September 14

TFS Boys Cross Country

Meet: TFS vs. Reavis and Lemont at Erfert Park in Lansing.

Score: Lemont took first with 22 points, Reavis took second with 33 points, and TFS came in last with 85.

On a warm Tuesday evening, a very young TFS team settled with last place at its “home course,” Erfert Park in Lansing. The results were: Carlos Cervantes (So)—19th place (20:42—personal record), Austin Hewes (Jr)—21st place (21:04), Michael Chancey (Jr)—24th place (21:46—PR), Rashad Peeples (Fr)—29th place (22:59), Rodrigo Cortez (Fr)—32nd place (23:28), Carson Harris (Fr)—33rd place (24:16—PR), Kenan Maxey (Fr)—35th place (24:45, Jayden Scott (Fr)—37th place (25:09—PR), Demetrius Thomas (Fr)—38th place (26:19), Ben Gresham (Fr)—39th place (26:30), Adam Castellanos (Jr)—42nd place (27:57), Gavin Cottrill (Jr)—45th place (30:44). Colin Harris (Fr)—47th place (43:13).

“We are hoping to keep improving and perform better each week,” said coach Fred Seibel. The next meet for the squad is the Annual Julian Urbina Invitational hosted at TF North on Saturday, September 18.

TFS Girls Cross Country

Meet: TFS vs. Reavis and Lemont at Erfert Park in Lansing.

Score: Reavis took first with 30 points, Lemont took second with 37 points, and TFS came in last with 84.

In a defeat similar to that of the boys squad, the TFS girls were supported by the following athletes: Alanis Gonzales—9th place (23:57—PR), Diana Cardenas—26th place (27:57). Jarena Shell—32nd place (30:04—PR), Dawn Birkenfeld—34th place (31:58), Aniyah Tyson—40th place (33:56—PR), Natiza Fox—42nd place (34:13—PR) Adetutu Sokunbi—44th place (37:02—PR).

Girls cross country will also race next at TF North on September 18.

September 15

No scores submitted.

The TF South sports schedule can be found hereTF South is located at 18500 Burnham Avenue, Lansing, IL.


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