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LuAnn Thomas

I wanted to express what a truly beautiful gift was donated by Mark IV Landscaping, Inc. to enhance the memorial honoring Officer Ken Novak Jr. Officer Novak was taken from his family and community on April 8, 1992. He put his life on the line out there, keeping our town of Lansing safe.

Mark IV Landscaping
Fresh plantings and mulch have been added to the memorial honoring Officer Ken Novak. The memorial stands at the site where Officer Novak was shot and killed in 1992. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

What a wonderful act of kindness and generosity done by Mark IV Landscaping, showing the respect due to Ken Novak Jr. and allowing his memory to live on and the brave officer to never be forgotten.

Thank you, Mark IV Landscaping, Inc.

LuAnn Thomas

NOTE: More information about Officer Novak’s death in the line of duty can be found on his Officer Down Memorial Page The newly landscaped memorial site is at the bend of the road where Arcadia Avenue turns into 172nd Street.

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