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A great resignation: Karen Abbott-Trimuel abandons corporate world to pursue writing and self-fulfillment

By Josh Bootsma
Karen Abbott-Trimuel
Karen Abbott-Trimuel. (Photo provided)

LANSING, Ill. (July 14, 2021) – For Karen Abbott-Trimuel, writing was once just a hobby, something she did when she found the time away from her busy job and raising children. Now, the Lansing resident has devoted herself full time to sharing her experiences and stories with others.

Pandemic writing

As the pandemic put a pause on much of normal life, Abbott-Trimuel took the opportunity to focus on writing two books. The first, Ladies Night Unmasked is a fictional story about five female friends who come together for a fun time and wind up asking themselves hard, challenging questions about life.

Abbott-Trimuel said some of the main questions in the book are “How do you feel about your life today?” and “Are you where you expected you’d be, and are you happy or disappointed with the outcome?” As the characters wrestled with those questions on the page, Abbott-Trimuel began to wrestle with the same questions herself.

Karen Abbott-Trimuel
Karen Abbott-Trimuel’s first book is a fictional story of friends dealing with hard questions. (Graphic provided)

The 17-year Lansing resident was working as an executive assistant at a Fortune 500 company at the time, and describes herself as “haunted by the questions posed to the book’s characters.” She quit her job on March 8, 2021, the same day she released her second title, Check Your Assets & Know Your Value, a non-fiction book focused on helping women “become their authentic selves.”

“My story could have ended in a pile of notebooks on the bedroom floor,” said Abbott-Trimuel. “But I have been pushed to follow my passion and fulfill my purpose. I’m thrilled I did.”

Pursuing passions

In addition to her writing, Abbott-Trimuel works with her husband Gammon to grow their asphalt business, Gamm’s Asphalt Services, and she creates motivational messages and stories through her production company KGT Live Productions.

The Lansing resident has also written stage plays, including Hear Our Cries Lord, It’s Not What’s on the Surface, Recession Proof, and From Broken Pieces to a Living Testimony.

“I have no regrets as I am on a journey in pursuit of becoming my authentic self, through exploring and living my passions, which has already begun to unfold true happiness.”

Abbott-Trimuel also spends her time with her three children and three grandchildren.

Her books are available online, including on Amazon.


Josh Bootsma
Josh Bootsma
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