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Bob Malkas

Lansing has commissioned two Comprehensive Plans. In 2014 Houseal Lavigne Associates, a planning consultant, was chosen to update the previous Cameros plan from 1995. Seeing the obvious merits in the proposal, I decided to participate, as did many other residents.

To be prepared I reread the 1995 Camaros plan to get a starting point. I became cautious after reading a comment made on page 57. It stated, “A common problem with comprehensive plans is that they are not used after they are adopted.”

It should be apparent that an 18-year-old document should be updated on land use issues, thoroughfare management, and current conditions and trends. What is less obvious is the need to change the existing plans already approved by the FAA to develop its airport. That plan was able to stand on its own.

The updated plan only briefly mentions the airport and does not address how it would benefit the Lansing taxpayers. That document can be accessed from the Village’s website:

Check page 11. It is revealing:

The Lansing Municipal Airport adopted an Improvement Plan that outlines a series of recommendations intended to upgrade existing facilities and modernize the airport to accommodate a greater amount and capacity of aircraft. The Plan identifies a series of improvements to implemented in three phases as summarized below:

Short-term (2006-2010)

• Land acquisition to allow for runway extension and aircraft approach
• Rehabilitation of some existing taxiways and hangars

Mid-term (2011-2015)

• Extensions of the north/south runway 18/36
• Easements for runway protection zones
• Grading and infrastructure work for new hangars and aprons

Long-term (2016-2025)

• Rehabilitation of runways
• Additional land acquisition for safety zones and hangar facilities
• Grading and infrastructure work for new hangars and aprons
• New parallel taxiways

The final page will show you what could have been done.

Bob Malkas

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