A prayer by Bruce Ross


Local Voices

Bruce Ross

O Lord,
I wish I was a star shining bright up in the sky,
sending down my love to everyone.
The good Lord knows I care,
and I also like to share.

The church doors will open wide
and there you will see the Lord just waiting
for you and for me.
A Bible in the pew will guide us on just what to do,
singing praises to His name and listening to the message at hand.

It will be about Jesus, so loving and true.
He wants us to come to heaven, His home,
where we will be no longer alone.
If everyone was Christian, there would be no doubt
that the fires in hell would be fizzling out.

I know, dear Lord, one day you will be calling my name,
and I will have to answer for my sins and my shame.
I wake up each morning and repenting, I pray
that you will be with me each step that I take.

O Lord, you have promised forgiveness to all
who truly believe.
I pray that you
will grant redemption
at the end of my mortal life.

O Lord, I want to live in heaven with you
and the angels above.
I want to sit on that star and send down my love.

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