by Jim Siergey

nartoon eel


From the artist — Super Secret Esoteric Explanatory info, if needed:

Definition of moiré:

  1. a : an irregular wavy finish on a fabric
    b : a ripple pattern on a stamp

  2. : a fabric having a wavy watered appearance
  3. : an independent usually shimmering pattern seen when two geometrically regular patterns (such as two sets of parallel lines or two halftone screens) are superimposed especially at an acute angle

Definition of moray eel:

  1. : any of numerous often brightly colored eels (family Muraenidae) that have sharp teeth capable of inflicting a severe bite, that occur in warm seas, and that include a chiefly Mediterranean eel (Muraena helena) sometimes used for food

And THAT’S why it’s funny!