Local Jobs feature added to benefit local businesses and job seekers

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by Melanie Jongsma

LANSING, Ill. (May 23, 2021) – The Lansing Journal has added a Local Jobs feature to the Local Info tab of our website. The Jobs page is now accessible from the menu bar on every page.

Local jobs

Automatic aggregation

The page automatically pulls job postings from job search engine LinkUp, and we hope to add other job posting feeds (like Indeed) as well. Local businesses who use LinkUp to post and share jobs will not need to take any extra steps to have their listings included on our Local Jobs page.

Manual addition

Businesses who use other posting services can still be manually added to our listings. Based on interest, The Lansing Journal can create premium posts at the top of the page, which can link to your online job description or application. Email your job posting information to The Lansing Journal.

Affordable promotion

The Lansing Journal is requesting $25 for manual addition of job postings. That price not only helps support this community newspaper, it also provides these benefits to local businesses:

  • We will format the information you provide and link it to your website
  • We will designate your listing as a Premium listing, so it appears above the automatically aggregated job posts
  • We will publish a “Local Jobs Update” to notify our nearly 4,000 subscribers that a new job has been posted

For even greater visibility of your listing, consider running an online ad. We have options that range in price from $100–650, and businesses get good results from these ads:

“The responses to the ad has been great. We have many prospective candidates to review and have discussions with.”
-Local catering business that advertised for a qualified chef

Local sponsorship

The Lansing Journal worked with the Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce to share job postings as a service to our business community and job-seeking residents. Their sponsorship logo, which appears on the Jobs page, links to the Chamber’s membership page. Businesses who are members of the Lansing Area Chamber know what a valuable network it is for finding qualified people.

The Lansing Journal is grateful to partner with the Lansing Area Chamber in this new way of serving our community.


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