April supporters help cover the costs of 117 local news articles

by Melanie Jongsma, Publisher

LANSING, Ill. (May 2, 2021) – So far this year, The Lansing Journal has published more than 500 articles. In April alone we published 117.

April supporters cover the cost of vaccination news

The largest category of news continues to be Health and Safety — not only the daily COVID data, but also updates from the Illinois Department of Public Health, news about local vaccination sites, and columns by Carrie Steinweg sharing her personal experience with COVID and recovery.

April supporters make local school district news possible

The Education category is now our second-most popular, largely thanks to the addition of Jim Masters. He contributed 7 Education articles this month, covering all three of Lansing’s school districts, including news of District 215’s appointment of Christopher Dodd to the School Board.

April supporters helped us continue expanding our local sports coverage

And Josh Bootsma continued to provide sports coverage this month, reporting stats and scores for TF South football and baseball games, and sharing news of a golf caddy scholarship program partnership between Lansing’s Freedom Church and Olympia Fields Country Club.

Local sports coverage, local school news, local health data — that’s possible because of local support. The 138 people listed below made contributions so that we could pay our local journalists, pay the service where our website is hosted, and pay our email delivery provider to bring those articles right to your email inbox.

Will you take a moment to glance through these names and say a little thank-you? (You don’t have to say it out loud; just kind of nod and say it in your head.) These are people who understand that The Lansing Journal is free to read, but it costs money to produce. These are people who pitch in to help cover those costs so that this newspaper can continue to be free for everyone.

Thank you, April supporters

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  • Denise Cox
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  • Shirley De Vries
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