Repurposing Patternless Crosswords


Local Voices

Paul Orich

Reader Paul Orich sent a few samples of the artwork he’s created using the Patternless Crossword grid published in one of the Chicago newspapers and gave us permission to share his work — and his idea — here.


“I just think a visual completion of that space is worthy of consideration,” says Orich. “It may attract readers, and an e-gallery to show off different interpretations for patternless space might be worth investigating.”

Orich also uses basic graph paper for some of his pieces. “Graph paper in this instance is like a flat sheet of legos. Each square represents a building block. I really doodle out designs using circle, dot, and line in small segments. Anyway, the virus has had me focus!”



Readers who decide to give the idea a try are welcome to submit their designs to The Lansing Journal for possible inclusion in an e-gallery.


  • Coloring Lansing (2017 article about Paul Orich and the Lansing-based coloring book he created

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