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Election results in Lansing, reported April 6, 2021

Village Voice Party sweeps Board positions

by Melanie Jongsma

LANSING, Ill. (April 6, 2021) – Election results from the April 6, 2021, Consolidated General Election finally began populating on the Cook County Clerk’s website after 9:30pm on Election Day, over an hour later than expected. By 10:30pm, results from 19 of 21 precincts had been reported, and early numbers indicated that voter turnout was little more than half what it had been for the last mayoral election in 2017:

  • 1,760 ballots cast in 2021
  • 2,580 ballots cast in 2019 (non-mayoral election)
  • 3,368 ballots cast in 2017

Soon after midnight April 6, results from the remaining two precincts came in. Most races in Lansing were uncontested, making the final counts somewhat superfluous. But in the race for Village Trustee, with four candidates vying for three seats, every vote mattered. In the end, the gap between the bottom two vote-getters—Independent candidate Maureen Grady-Perovich and Village Voice Party candidate Micaela Smith—was 219 votes.

Municipal elections (1,906 ballots cast)

Village President (Mayor)
Vote For 1
Patty Eidam (Village Voice Party): 1,650 votes

Village Clerk
Vote For 1
Vivian Payne (Village Voice Party): 1,694 votes

Village Trustees
Vote For 3
Brian P. Hardy (Village Voice Party): 1,476 votes
Micaela G. Smith (Village Voice Party): 1,218 votes
Lionel Valencia (Village Voice Party): 1,248 votes
Maureen C. Grady-Perovich (Independent): 999 votes

Library Trustees
Vote For 3
Sharon Novak (Independent): 1,377 votes
Bonnie J. Cuthbert (Independent): 1,329 votes
Jeri Villa (Independent): 1,273 votes

Park District Board (1,745 ballots cast)

Vote For 2
John J. Kelly (Nonpartisan): 1,474 votes
No Candidate (Nonpartisan): 0 votes

Elementary School Board District 158 (1,171 ballots cast)

Vote For 4
James Long (Nonpartisan): 927 votes
Robert L Wood (Nonpartisan): 895 votes
Melissa Enright Taylor (Nonpartisan): 881
Sara Wallace (Nonpartisan): 865

Elementary School Board District 171, 2-year term (961 ballots cast)

Vote For 1
Nicole Thompson (Nonpartisan): 467 votes
Timothy Terrell (Nonpartisan): 400 votes

Elementary School Board District 171, 4-year term (961 ballots cast)

Vote For 4
Kenisha LeSure (Nonpartisan): 736 votes
Cassie Hill (Nonpartisan): 730 votes
Elissa Veloz (Nonpartisan): 695 votes
No Candidate (Nonpartisan): 0 votes

Thornton Fractional Township High School Board District 215 (3,836 ballots cast)

Vote For 4
Andrea Ballard (Nonpartisan): 2,861 votes
Richard C. Dust (Nonpartisan): 2,821 votes
Marcie Wilson (Nonpartisan): 2,775 votes
Diana Jackson (Nonpartisan): 2,830 votes

South Suburban College Board District 510 (19,524 ballots cast)

Vote For 2
Janet Rogers (Nonpartisan): 13,206 votes
John Daly (Nonpartisan): 9,451 votes
Max Solomon (Nonpartisan): 4,702 votes
Albert Abney (Nonpartisan): 3,578 votes

Trustee of Schools Bloom Township 35N, Range 14E (19,219 ballots cast)

Vote For 1
Alice I. Peterson (Nonpartisan): 14,696 votes

Trustee of Schools Thornton Township 36N, Range 14E (10,229 ballots cast)

Vote For 1
Dwayne R Thrash (Nonpartisan): 7,656 votes

Trustee of Schools Thornton Fractional (3,978 ballots cast)

Vote For 1
James J. Adduci (Nonpartisan): 3,233 votes

Vote For 1
Angelo Vitiritti (Nonpartisan): 3,211 votes

Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma grew up in Lansing, Illinois, and believes The Lansing Journal has an important role to play in building community through trustworthy information.


  1. Great job reporting our local election results! Keep up the GREAT work! Maureen Grady-Perovich

  2. I can not believe the turn out of voters we had in this election ! Shameful ! I understand the pandemic but all pollig places were equiped for tthe safety of voters. Masks were required, distancing marks were in place, santizer was available everything done properly ! It took me all of 20 minutes if that to go in and vote. In and out with no problem ! I had on girl tell me she had a lot to do and a couple of appointments . Well I had some also but I found a few minutes in between to go cast my vote ! She said she didn’t care so I told her no complaing about anything you now have no right ! She said she did not care she will bitch if she wants too ! How sad of an attitude ! This is where you live people ! Sickening just sickenig ! Weather it turned out the way I wanted it to does not matter . Congratulations to all the winners !

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