March print issue being planned


Reader requests, advertiser interest led to decision

by Melanie Jongsma, Publisher

LANSING, Ill. (February 1, 2021) – Managing Editor Josh Bootsma and I had to do some hard thinking about whether we could take on the work and expense of another print issue. The December print edition was well received, and we loved having it completed. But the process required much more time and effort than we anticipated.

We weren’t sure we could afford to do that again.

Advertiser interest

We sent an email to our advertisers last week to see how many would be interested in purchasing an ad in a March print issue. The response was immediate and enthusiastic.

Those advertising commitments—combined with the notes, emails, and messages we continue to receive from readers—convinced us to go to print again.

March print issue
Emails like this one factored into our decision to publish a March print issue.

Content plans: Elections, COVID, and more

2021 is an election year in Lansing, and we have begun gathering information about all our local candidates all three School Boards, the Park District Board, the Library Board, our Village Board, and even candidates at the Township level. We’d like to compile this information into a “Voter Guide” that will be included in the March print issue. If you are running for office and have not yet contacted us, please use the link below to complete the form and submit your information:

  • Candidate Information Form

If for some reason you are not able to complete the form online, please call Managing Editor Josh Bootsma, so he can take your information over the phone: 630-930-4066.

2021 will also be a year of pandemic updates, and we plan to use the March print issue to share important information with people who are not reached by email, websites, or social media. Vaccination information, the most recent COVID numbers, and perhaps a summary of whatever Phase and Tier we are in at that point—those are all on our story idea list.

News happens every day in Lansing, and the March print issue will also include a variety of current information about our local businesses, schools, churches, and other goings-on.

Print and delivery plans

We enjoyed working with Blue Island Newspaper Printing and Chicagoland Circulation Services to print and deliver the December issue, so we reached out to them again about the March print issue. The paper is scheduled to be on the presses on March 10, and it will be delivered to Lansing porches by March 15.

Some Lansing addresses did get missed during porch delivery of the December issue. We kept track of those incidents, and Chicagoland Circulation Services will update their delivery records for March.

Gilberto Garcia is part of the CCS delivery team. They promise “porch delivery” of The Lansing Journal’s March issue by March 15. (Photo: Josh Bootsma)

A great value

Printing 13,000 copies of a 20-page newspaper and personally delivering it to 12,000 addresses is expensive—but it’s a great value. For about $1.00 per copy, we can share local news with every Lansing resident, as well as subscribers outside our borders.

Projected advertising revenue will cover more than half the cost, but we could use additional investment from our print-loving readers as well.

If you are excited about having the March print issue of The Lansing Journal delivered to your home in a few weeks, will you contribute to help cover the costs?

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March print issue