Thank you for the Christmas trees


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Virginia Ulaszek

Now that all the Christmas displays and decorations have been taken down at Fox Pointe, I just want to express my thanks to all those who participated in creating all the displays and all those who decorated individual Christmas trees at Fox Pointe. This wonderful project brought joy and spiritual uplifting to all who took the time to stop by and view the displays, adults as well as children. It was desperately needed, especially because of the COVID crisis.

Even after Fox Pointe closed access to the displays/decorations, I would take my dog Lucy for a walk at night, just so we could go past Fox Pointe and enjoy what had been so skillfully crafted to brighten spirits and renew hope. It definitely made me feel better and I am truly sad to see it go.

Thank you, Lansing, for brightening the holidays so beautifully.

Ginny Ulaszek

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  1. The Christmas Tree display at Fox Pointe was very nice. We took our elderly mother for a walk there in December and she really enjoyed it. Our thanks to the organizers and sponsors of the event. Good idea!

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