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Marian Catholic Senior Tamera Trimuel authors Dear Black Girl, You are IT!

Information provided by Marian Catholic High School

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. (January 7, 2020) – On Juneteenth, 2020, Marian Catholic High School senior, Tamera Trimuel of Harvey, Illinois, published her first book, titled Dear Black Girl, You are IT!. Between a part-time job, full-time studies, and participation in multiple extracurricular activities, Trimuel found time to write and publish a motivational book about self-love for teen girls.

Dreams and an entrepreneurial spirit

Tamera Trimuel
Tamera Trimuel wrote Dear Black Girl, You are IT! to encourage self-love in young black women. (Image provided)

Trimuel’s entrepreneurial spirit manifested itself at the age of nine when she started her own business, Tamera’s Treasures, which encouraged young girls to love and treasure themselves. At 15 she began writing Dear Black Girl, You are IT! as a way to continue her own self-love journey and inspire other girls to do the same. Specifically, “IT!” is an acronym for the words intelligent and triumphant, attributes not often ascribed to youth, especially young black women.

Her parents, uncle, and aunt, and her experiences at the Disney Dreams Academy, all inspired Trimuel, who said they “lit a fire under me to start accomplishing my dreams now.” While she puts school first, she focuses on using her time wisely in ways that will further her aspirations without becoming burned out.

Goals for change

While the message of Dear Black Girl, You are IT! is relevant for all girls, Trimuel said, “In the climate we live in today, black girls aren’t told enough that they are intelligent, triumphant, beautiful, and can do anything they put their minds to; they are worth it.”

Not only is Trimuel Vice President of Outreach for Marian Catholic’s Black Student Union, she is also co-anchor for the Marian Catholic Network, a member of the Gospel Choir, and Senior Editor of the Yearbook. Last year, as a yearbook staff member, she personally edited pages highlighting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Trimuel aspires to be a journalist, Civil Rights Attorney, and host of her own talk show. In general, she has her heart set on being “the Oprah of [her] generation”.

For more information about Tamera Trimuel and Dear Black Girl, You are IT!, visit the November Media Publishing website.

Marian Catholic High School is located at 700 Ashland Ave, Chicago Heights, IL.


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