Holiday Heroes (the quiet ones)

by Melanie Jongsma, Managing Editor

LANSING, Ill. (December 21, 2020) – Throughout this pandemic year, we have celebrated many different kinds of heroes. Creative teachers. Weary nurses. Patient grocery store clerks. Faithful first responders. Determined parents. And essential workers who kept doing the jobs we used to take for granted.

It’s been a rough year, and we found ways to get through it together.

Sometimes heroism is a big, brave, dangerous act. But this year we’ve also seen that heroism can be smaller, and quieter, and just a matter of showing up and doing what you can to meet a need.

Those are the heroes I need to thank today.

Even way back in March and April, so many of you understood how important it would be for The Lansing Journal to continue reporting. You knew that this community newspaper was an essential connection for people quarantined at home.

As one reader told us:

“It’s great to know what’s happening, and I believe the Journal does a great job of making Lansing feel like a close community.”

You made that possible. To me, that’s heroic.

Each check that shows up in The Lansing Journal’s PO Box, each email I receive about an online gift, each $20 bill that someone hands me when they see me around town—those are all little acts of heroism from people who (1) understand the need and (2) do what they can to meet it.

Thank you.

This year’s holiday season looks different, certainly. But when I look around, I see holiday heroes still showing up and making a difference, so I am encouraged that we will end the year strong.

If you are already one of our Lansing Journal heroes, thank you. If you’d like to become one, we welcome you!

Together we will continue to show up and do the small, heroic work of building community—this year and into whatever 2021 brings.

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Happy Holidays, my fellow heroes,