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by Melanie Jongsma, Managing Editor

LANSING, Ill. (December 17, 2020) – More than 20,000 people read The Lansing Journal each month.

Last month our most popular stories were posts about COVID, new job opportunities, obituaries, honor students, local firefighters, and vehicle emissions testing in the area.

We publish that kind of news every single day. It’s not always groundbreaking or in-depth. Often it’s just basic, practical information that people need and appreciate.

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Those are notes from the 1%. They love The Lansing Journal, and they want everyone to have access to it. They also understand that The Lansing Journal is free to read, but it is not free to produce. Quality journalism costs money.

We at The Lansing Journal are grateful for the 1%. Their generosity keeps this newspaper going.

But we also realize that it’s a little risky for so many readers to rely on so few supporters.

I’d be much more comfortable if our base of support was at least 10% of our readership! But as a first step I’d settle for 2%.

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If you value the information we provide every day, if you appreciate having a connection to the community around you, if you are proud that small-town Lansing, Illinois, has its own newspaper—please become a supporting member now. Please don’t assume that the 1% can keep doing all the work.

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“I just read Josh’s awesome article about the Lansing Food Pantry Annual Meeting in today’s Journal! Wow! Thank you for giving such thorough and positive coverage. The color pictures, encouraging tone and accurate details are very much appreciated!”

“Beautifully written and organized paper. Thank you for putting a positive note on 2020 by sending these out!!! #lovemynewspaper”

“I love all the work you’re doing, and it just reminds me of what a great place Lansing was to grow up.”

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