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More of you made it happen

An updated list of November supporters

by Melanie Jongsma, Managing Editor

print thank-youLANSING, Ill. (December 2, 2020) – On Thanksgiving I posted a thank-you to all the advertisers and individuals who contributed financially so that The Lansing Journal could produce a print issue in December. But there were a few more people who made donations between Thanksgiving and November 30, and I want to make sure they are publicly thanked as well. An updated list is shared below.

Now that the issue is printed and delivered, I am even more grateful to all of you who made it happen. It’s been fun to read comments and emails and texts from people as they received the issue on their front porches. Thank you for those.

Thank you, November supporters

print thank-youThe Lansing Journal is a free newspaper, but it costs money to produce it. Having a base of invested readers means we can continue to function—in print and online—even when advertising revenue shrinks. We are grateful for all these people who made contributions in November:

  1. Lindsey and Saad Abbasy
  2. Karen Adams
  3. Jane and Joe Addison
  4. Anonymous Friend
  5. Anonymous Friends
  6. Jennifer Avenatti
  7. Lorraine Banasiak
  8. Judith Beezhold
  9. Barry Bergstrom
  10. Wes and Joy Blocker
  11. Dan and Kristy Bootsma
  12. Susan Bovino
  13. John Bush
  14. Maryann Centracchio
  15. Laurel Clausing
  16. Greg and Jane Compeau
  17. Marlene Cook
  18. Diane Costello
  19. Denise Cox
  20. Kerry Czarobski
  21. Lauragene Davia
  22. Christopher Deckinga
  23. Debbie DeNardo
  24. Sandy DeVries
  25. Phyllis Drewno
  26. Barb Dust
  27. Rich Dust
  28. Roseann Dykstra
  29. Frank Fetters
  30. Friends of The Lansing Journal
  31. Jim and Judy Friesema
  32. Tina Funchion
  33. Sharon Giles
  34. Jacob Gourley
  35. Tony and Maureen Grady-Perovich
  36. Patty Grigutis
  37. Lawrence Grzywinski
  38. Joyce Haak
  39. Marina Hallberg
  40. Peter Hansen
  41. Ted Hnatusko
  42. Marjorie Holme
  43. Mark Hornung
  44. Jim Janssen
  45. Melanie Jongsma
  46. Jean Klacik
  47. Judith Koch
  48. Pat Kremer
  49. Cynthia Krusza
  50. Sue Lagestee
  51. Pamela Lancy
  52. Barb and Clem Lessner
  53. Jim and Suzanne Long
  54. Luci Lugowski
  55. Kathy Maanum
  56. Roberto Mendoza
  57. Christine Merchat
  58. Chuck Murach
  59. Nauta Enterprises
  60. Marilou Ooms
  61. Donald Palka
  62. Mary Beth Palka
  63. Thomas Panichi
  64. Robert Parrent
  65. Libby Pasztor
  66. Moira Peterson
  67. Richard Podgorski
  68. Rosemarie Polgar
  69. Jennifer Polley
  70. Jay and Chris Popp
  71. Joanne Pritchard
  72. Jean Qualls
  73. Penelope Rellis
  74. Jane Roseen
  75. Jennifer Saia
  76. Carol Schaap
  77. Rich and Jan Schaeffer
  78. Peter Schurman
  79. Dave Schurman
  80. Irene Sepiol
  81. Slaughter & Associates
  82. Michelle Smith
  83. Tom and Terri Stallinga
  84. Kelsee Stallinga
  85. Tara Stewart
  86. Carol Taylor
  87. Linda Todd
  88. Virginia and John Ulaszek
  89. Leo Valencia
  90. Sandy Vree
  91. Phyllis Warsen
  92. Waters Edge Aquascaping
  93. Paul West
  94. Robert Wood
  95. Patricia Yos
  96. Chris Zdanowski

print thank-youAs you page through your printed December issue, please notice the advertisements as well as the articles. And please make a point of patronizing those organizations, particularly during these uncertain times.

We are in this together! Thank you, all, for doing all you can to keep our community strong.

Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma grew up in Lansing, Illinois, and believes The Lansing Journal has an important role to play in building community through trustworthy information.


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