Back to Business Illinois designed to promote small business reopenings


Health and safety program launched by Illinois Department of Labor is “non-punitive”

information provided by the Illinois Department of Labor

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (September 30, 2020) – The Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) today announced the launch of Back to Business Illinois, a free, voluntary service to connect small businesses (250 employees or fewer) with consultants who will help them evaluate and address workplace safety and health issues related to COVID-19. The consultants will create a plan for small businesses that promotes a safe, healthy, and productive environment for workers and customers.

Back to Business Illinois health and safety consultants in IDOL’s Workplace Safety and Health Consultation Division will help local small businesses audit their physical operation, identify best practices and find ways to implement them efficiently.

Since every industry presents unique work environment challenges, each consultant will be paired with applicants based on their expertise and specific needs to customize the best plan for their business.

The Illinois Department of Labor will also be offering a free, voluntary “Back to Business” certification designed to show workers and customers that the small business has participated in the program.

Businesses can voluntarily complete a series of online modules and then institute the necessary practices to promote a safe work environment. The online guidance and education program will emphasize areas including basic infection prevention, physical space modification, infectious disease planning, employee monitoring, and workplace flexibility.

This is a non-punitive program, and no fines or citations are associated with it. It is designed entirely as a benefit to empower Illinois small businesses to continue operating safely.

More information on the Back to Business Illinois program is available at the official website: