Saturday, June 22, 2024

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by Jim Siergey
Jim Siergey has several new pieces on exhibit at Promise You Art House (8830 Kennedy Avenue, Highland, Indiana). Promise You Art House has recently reopened, and they have masks on hand for those in need. Several artists are displaying new work for Promise’s Summer Show.

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Jim Siergey
Jim Siergey
Jim Siergey lived and worked in Chicago for 40 years before moving to Munster, Indiana, where he was discovered by The Lansing Journal during his first suburban art show. His signature "nart" is difficult to define, even for him, but most nartworks tend to be black-and-white illustrations, and most involve some sort of clever silliness or visual wordplay. The style is reminiscent of early animations like Steamboat Willie and 1950s Popeye cartoons (which Siergey concurs were an influence), and the humor evokes 1980s desk calendars from The Far Side series.