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Chicago Southland CVB unveils “To a T” campaign to highlight attractions

Trails, trains, tunes, and taprooms are featured

Information provided by the Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau

LANSING, Ill. (August 24, 2020) – The Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau has launched its “Chicago Southland To a T” campaign. This unique project brings together some of the Chicago Southland’s most popular attractions, including forest preserves (trails), railfanning locations (trains), live music venues (tunes), and craft breweries (taprooms).

The main “To a T” web page can be found online at The web page features an interactive graphic that takes visitors to the designated activity once clicked. Each landing page features more information about either the trails, trains, tunes, or taprooms located throughout the Chicago Southland region. This campaign allows residents and visitors alike to explore some of the many activities that the Chicago Southland has to offer.

The “To a T” campaign highlights the Chicago Southland’s trails, railfanning spots, live music venues and craft breweries. There are over 40,000 acres of forestry in the Chicago Southland. The recently launched Chicago Southland Trails App details the area’s hiking, biking and walking trails, the first app of its kind for the Chicago Southland. Known as a railfanning hotspot, the Chicago Southland is a favorite location for train lovers. A corresponding railfan guide was released by the CVB in 2018.

With an abundance of live music venues, and locations ranging from huge amphitheaters to local bars, the Chicago Southland is a music lover’s paradise. Additionally, there are 19 craft breweries in the Chicago Southland alone, making our region an excellent location for beer enthusiasts to visit. Visitors can also utilize the new Cheers and Beers brewery guide to navigate through the taprooms.

Please note that because the “To a T” campaign was planned pre-pandemic, many music venues are currently not operating at full capacity. However, many area taprooms are open for business. Most trails and railfanning spots are also open to the public. To access the “To a T” campaign and explore what the Chicago Southland has to offer, go to

The Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau is the official destination management and marketing organization for Chicago’s 62 south and southwest suburbs. For more information, go to

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