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Chicago-based manufacturing company offers PPE for schools to reopen safely this fall

MORGAN Li expands social distancing solutions

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CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. (June 13, 2020) – MORGAN Li—a manufacturer of custom fixtures and furniture for the retail and hospitality industries, and provider of large format print production and custom social distancing solutions—is now offering personal protective equipment for schools planning to safely reopen and comply with social distancing ordinances this fall.

The new line of personal protective equipment includes portable barriers, stand-alone dividers, hands-free door openers, and social distancing floor decals to help keep students, teachers and faculty safe while allowing students to return to school for the new academic year. The portable barrier—which is clear, lightweight, and foldable—is designed to provide students an individual shield to personally transport between classrooms and other locations such as the library or cafeteria.

“We’ve always prioritized being able to quickly adapt to meet new needs, and in the wake of the pandemic, the ability to be nimble and offer solutions to current challenges has never been more important,” says Jonathan Rosenband, President of MORGAN Li. “As the country begins to navigate the feasibility of reopening schools this fall, we wanted to bring to market a solution that would help ensure the safety of children, staff, and the faculty, and this product absolutely delivers.”

All personal protective equipment and social distancing solutions from MORGAN Li may be customized in terms of overall design, size, color, material, and more, in order to fit specific requirements and special requests.

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