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New legislation allows sale of cocktails for pickup and delivery

House Bill 2682 signed June 2

information provided by the Office of the Governor

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (Jun3 5, 2020) – On Tuesday, Governor JB Pritzker signed House Bill 2682, a bipartisan piece of legislation that allows the sale of cocktails by bars and restaurants with liquor licenses for pickup and delivery.

“Restaurants and bars are beloved businesses in so many of our communities and also some of the hardest hit from the COVD-19 pandemic,” said Governor Pritzker. “This legislation will provide these businesses with a critical tool to bring in additional income until they can safely and fully reopen their doors once more. As we move forward, I am fully committed to taking every action available to us and pursuing all resources at the state and federal level to support this critical industry.”

Illinois State Sen. Feigenholtz added, “Illinois joins 34 other states in enacting this policy. This new law provides restaurants and bar owners with a survival tool as they wait to open safely and to their full capacity.”

Cocktails can only be delivered in a sealed, labeled container with a tamper-evident cap or seal by an employee of the liquor license holder who is over the age of 21 and trained in responsible alcohol service. Cocktails may not be delivered via a third party delivery app. Cocktails can only be delivered after an employee verifies the age as well as the level of intoxication of the consumer.

The legislation also delays late fees and license fees for liquor licenses for businesses and establishes automatic liquor license renewal approval and extension for any license holder whose business or operations have been suspended in any capacity due as a result of COVID-19.

The late filing fee waiver applies for 6 months and the license extensions lasts for 120 days, after the latter of:

  • the day the region moves to Phase 4, or
  • the day after the expiration of the latest EO that limits or interrupts business, or
  • the day after the expiration of any rules from DPH or other agencies.

House Bill 2682 took effect on June 2.

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  1. Oh, come on!! This seems wrong in so many ways!! The almighty dollar rules forever! People can’t be satisfied with beer and wine, etc. need mixed drinks delivered to their homes!! The employee verifies the level of intoxication??? How can that be ‘verified ‘-the caller can’t ‘walk a straight line’ over the phone!!! No order would EVER be cancelled!
    How about more available in-home health care visits – by medical assistants or new or retired physicians?? I know present medical offices are run so ragged they can barely treat the many patients waiting in their office each day!!! Now THAT seems like a more worthwhile direction for a ‘House Bill.’

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