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June 2 traffic update from the Lansing Police Department

information provided by the Lansing Police Department

LANSING, Ill. (June 2, 2020) – Please be advised about the following road closures and traffic control over the next week:


We are in contact with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) once again to close down the exit ramps from I-80 onto Torrence Avenue at 2:00pm today. They have stayed closed until around 2:00am the past couple of nights, and they will be asked to do the same today. The closure today is primarily based upon information received about a protest on I-80 in Indiana and other events in the surrounding areas.

The closing of the ramps off of I-80 will be evaluated on a daily basis.

Landings Shopping Center

Calumet City continues to maintain their blockades on the Torrence Avenue bridge, blocking all northbound traffic and allowing minimal southbound traffic (for Landings businesses). They plan on continuing this for the time being and do not have a definite time frame for re-opening at this time. We will continue to block Torrence Avenue northbound from 170th for the time being as well.

The entrance into the Landings at Oak Avenue will be opened today. Two concrete barriers will remain in the outer lanes, allowing access in and out from the middle lanes. All other entrances into the shopping center will remain blocked to traffic through Sunday, June 7th.

There will be portable traffic barriers available near the Oak Street entrance to be put up after both businesses close (around 11:00pm) and before they open (around 6:00am) and for emergencies.

OctaPharma Plasma and FedEx are currently open for business.


Walmart is still closed to the public, and they are currently cleaning up and restocking today. They plan on re-opening at 7:00am on Wednesday, June 3rd.

As of right now all entrances into the area are blocked off, with employee access near the Checkers. This will continue through the night. Public Works will remove the barriers on 176th Place tomorrow morning at 7:00am to open the area to the public. This will be the only way in or out of the Walmart area, and will remain that way through Sunday, June 7th.

The frontage road (175th) is now open. Entrances from the frontage road to Wal-Mart will remain blocked.

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