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The Shopper returns—under new ownership

information provided by The Shopper

SOUTH HOLLAND, Ill. (May 24, 2020) – As of May 1, The Shopper newspaper came under new ownership.

That’s when Erica Wolak and Erin Nauta signed a contract to purchase the 63-year-old newspaper from Arlo and Dan Kallemeyn, sons of founder Alonzo Kallemeyn. Advertisers will recognize Erica as The Shopper’s sales professional since 2015. Erin has been production editor since 2017.

Erica Wolak (left) and Erin Nauta signed the contract to purchase The Shopper from Arlo and Dan Kallemeyn on April 30, 2020. (Photo provided)

Founded in 1957, The Shopper was run by the Kallemeyn family up until this year. Arlo has been the face of The Shopper for many years—and he’s not going away. He still runs Excel Printing and Mailing at the same location at 924 E. 162nd Street in South Holland.

During the COVID-19 lockdown in April, the Shopper went into a semi-dormant mode, and mailing to homes stopped. As businesses closed and events were cancelled, ad revenue dried up, making postage costs unaffordable. Throughout May, the newspaper has been distributed to racks and boxes at locations in grocery stores and other sites in the area. For mailing to be resumed, revenues must increase to pre-COVID-19 levels, which Wolak and Nauta expect to occur as life returns to normal for everyone.

The Shopper will get a facelift, expected to happen gradually over the coming months. Nauta is an experienced graphic designer, and changes will be made to improve organization and readability.

In addition to distribution in South Holland, Dolton, Calumet City, and Lansing, The Shopper has expanded circulation back into Indiana, with pick-up locations in Munster, Highland, and Schererville. More pick-up areas will be added as advertising sales expand throughout the area—and The Shopper will continue to offer competitive ad rates.

Local news pertinent to the circulation area will also continue to grow. The Shopper has always welcomed news and event submissions from the community and invites area schools, organizations, businesses, clubs, municipalities, and other groups to send in news items:

The Lansing Journal
The Lansing Journal
The Lansing Journal publishes news releases from state, county, and local officials who provide information that impacts local community life. The particular contributor of each post is indicated in the byline.


  1. Congratulations Erin Nauta and Erica Wolak on your new adventure. My only wish is that you would provide an individual e-publication in PDF format of the Shopper to anyone that would sign up. Like the Lansing Journal. Making the Shopper available by attaching it to the Lansing Journal would be welcomed also. Thanks and Good Luck. Mel

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