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The Lansing Journal joins #GivingNewsday as part of #GivingTuesdayNow May 5

Local newsrooms unite in wake of COVID-19 for global day of giving

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LANSING, Ill. (May 4, 2020) – The Lansing Journal is joining #GivingTuesdayNow to bring awareness to the impact of quality local independent journalism and to say thank-you for existing support from readers and community advertisers. Local independent newsrooms are playing a vital role in helping communities stay informed during the ongoing pandemic, yet have never been more imperiled economically.

The Lansing Journal remains in a primary role to Lansing and the surrounding region through consistent and reliable COVID-19 coverage provided by a small but intrepid news team.

#GivingNewsday is a campaign aligned with the #GivingTuesdayNow global day of giving on May 5, 2020, as an emergency response to a need accelerated by COVID-19. For most news organizations, the day is designed to drive an influx of generosity, citizen engagement, and philanthropy activation. For The Lansing Journal, it is also an opportunity to acknowledge the generosity of community members who recognized the need for community news even before the pandemic began impacting our community.

Necessary changes

The most dramatic impact on The Lansing Journal has been the need to suspend the monthly print edition for the time being. This is a trickle-down result of the quarantine’s impact on local advertisers—with many of them struggling financially and unable to plan events, sales, or hours of operation, advertising revenue has been threatened. It is advertising revenue that covers the cost of paper, ink, and postage for the monthly print edition.

The Lansing Journal will continue to provide daily local news, publishing online and distributing via email and social media. Interested readers are invited to sign up for the Daily News email here.

In addition, in order to continue serving local businesses and organizations who need to get a message in front of readers, The Lansing Journal has enhanced its digital advertising opportunities. Already in the past three weeks, these digital ads have proven to be measurably effective, and reporting those results is included as part of any digital advertising agreement. Interested organizations are invited to view the enhanced options here.

Local coverage

The Lansing Journal is proud to be at the forefront of addressing information needs during this unprecedented moment and is grateful for all subscribers, supporters, and advertisers who keep the newsroom operational. Examples of coverage of the local impact of COVID-19 include the following recent articles:

In this together

#GivingNewsday emphasizes opportunities to give back to local newsrooms in safe ways that allow for social connection even while practicing physical distancing. To support local independent journalism as an essential community need, members of the Lansing community and surrounding region are invited to:

Through collaborative support, The Lansing Journal will be able to continue providing award-winning local coverage while building a business model that both serves and is sustained by the local community.

Community Support makes Community News possible

The Lansing Journal is particularly grateful for the people listed below who gave faithfully and generously during the month of April to keep this community news service going. (Normally these names would appear in the May print issue.)

  • Lindsey and Saad Abbasy
  • Karen Adams
  • Joy and Wesley Blocker
  • Susan Bovino
  • John Bush
  • Linda Buteyn
  • Maryann Centracchio
  • Greg and Jane Compeau
  • Marlene Cook
  • Diane Costello
  • Jeannine Cusson
  • Kerry Czarobski
  • Lauragene Davia
  • Christopher Deckinga
  • Dave and Deb DeJong
  • Sandy DeVries
  • Joan Douma
  • Barb Dust
  • Rich Dust
  • Roseann Dykstra
  • Frank Fetters
  • Tina Funchion
  • Jacob Gourley
  • Patty Grigutis
  • Lawrence Grzywinski
  • Ted Hnatusko
  • Marjorie Holme
  • Mark Hornung
  • Carol Jabaay
  • Jim Janssen
  • Melanie Jongsma
  • Pat Kremer
  • Pamela Lancy
  • Jim and Suzanne Long
  • Kathleen Maanum
  • Doris Magnabosco
  • Krista McSwiggan
  • Christine Merchat
  • Tony and Jacqueline Mosley
  • Nauta Enterprises
  • Mary Beth Palka
  • Thomas Panichi
  • Vivian Payne
  • Moira Peterson
  • Richard Podgorski
  • Rosemarie Polgar
  • Jay and Chris Popp
  • Joanne Pritchard
  • Lorraine Przybyl
  • Jean Qualls
  • Penelope Rellis
  • Jane Roseen
  • Jennifer Saia
  • Carol Schaap
  • Barbara Schwarz
  • Patricia Seibel
  • Irene Sepiol
  • Slaughter & Associates
  • Kelsee Stallinga
  • Kirstin Stellfox
  • Linda Todd
  • Friends of The Lansing Journal
  • Virginia Ulaszek
  • Leo Valencia
  • Norm and Char Vugteveen
  • Phyllis Warsen
  • Waters Edge Aquascaping
  • Robert Wood
  • Patricia Yos
  • Chris Zdanowski

If you would like to join them in supporting local news, visit The Lansing Journal’s Support page:

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