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In ninth COVID-19 response call, Congresswoman Kelly hears from local school superintendents

information provided by the Office of Robin Kelly

MATTESON, Ill. (April 20, 2020) – On April 16, Congresswoman Robin Kelly hosted a telephone town hall discussion with school superintendents from the 2nd Congressional District to discuss the first three COVID19 response bills and hear suggestions for further legislative relief efforts.

“Schools are in an especially precarious and challenging position,” said Congresswoman Kelly. “We are asking them to scale up remote learning, so our students do not fall behind while our local communities, which primarily fund our schools, are facing a potential decline in property tax revenues. There are clearly a number of challenges facing our schools and students in the short and medium term. We need to start working on solutions now because we cannot fail our young people.”

Congresswoman Kelly briefed superintendents on the more than $569,000 designated for Illinois’ elementary and secondary schools and the hundred-plus thousand earmarked for education at Governor Pritzker’s discretion.

Other topics included access to federally approved resources, mental health assistance for students, and long-term human resource issues. This call was the ninth in the Congresswoman’s COVID19 response series.

This call was the ninth in the Congresswoman’s COVID19 response series. She hosted another call with young, frontline healthcare workers on April 17, and she will host a call with Second District educators on April 21.

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