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Third Quarter Honor Roll at Marian Catholic includes 24 Lansing students

information provided by Marian Catholic High School

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. (April 17, 2020) – The following students from Lansing, Illinois, have made the Third Quarter Honor Roll at Marian Catholic High School:

  1. Alexandria Bland
  2. Leandra Cabrales
  3. Maya Correa
  4. Mia Dabrowski
  5. Paige Devers
  6. Melina Duda
  7. Kandis Fletcher
  8. Jack Foster
  9. Camille Fulks
  10. Yesenia Garcia
  11. Louis Gray
  12. Theodore Gray
  13. Brianna Hill
  14. Kennedi House
  15. Dejontae Jones
  16. Alyssa Lulinski
  17. Kiernan McSwiggan
  18. Craig Morrison
  19. Andrea Roa
  20. John Roe
  21. Lucas Seymour
  22. Lysette Valdez
  23. Sonia Vargas
  24. Alexis Zamudio

Marian Catholic High School is located at 700 Ashland Avenue in Chicago Heights, Illinois.

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