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In eighth COVID-19 response call, Congresswoman Kelly hears from farmers

information provided by the Office of Robin Kelly

MATTESON, Ill. (April 14, 2020) – On April 14, Congresswoman Robin Kelly hosted a telephone town hall discussion with farmers and agricultural workers from the 2nd Congressional District. Participants discussed concerns related to the COVID-19 crisis and their suggestions for further legislative relief efforts in Congress.

“It was important to get on-the-ground feedback from my farmers and agricultural workers,” Congresswoman Kelly said. “They have unique and specific concerns, some of which may not have been fully addressed in the latest relief package. I’m taking back their ideas to Washington and advocating for their inclusion in the next round of relief legislation.”

The 2nd Congressional District is home to 1,200 farms producing nearly $400 million worth of corn, soybean, wheat, and livestock. Some of the farmers on the call expressed concern that small business loans available through the latest relief package did not apply to their operations. Congresswoman Kelly briefed them on key elements of the $2 trillion coronavirus package and updated them on expanded investments that benefit farm operations, small businesses, and rural infrastructure.

This call was the eighth in the Congresswoman’s COVID19 response series. She will be hosting a call with local superintendents on April 16.

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