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City Life Center awarded $10,000 grant to aid families amid epidemic

GARY, Ind. (April 11, 2020) – City Life Center was recently awarded $10,000 in order to provide care packages for families during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The center received a $7,000 grant as a part of the Lake County COVID-19 Response Fund. The grant was made possible in part by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Donor Advised Fund at Legacy Foundation. The remaining $3,000 was donated by Bethel Church and Ministries of Crown Point, Ind.

The center will use the grant to provide “care kits” to 90 families, representing over 200 children who participate in the 21st Century Community Learning Center’s program. The kits include essentials such as toiletries, food, snacks, activity books for children, and more.

“We created the care kits for families who are sheltered in, have no transportation, and are in dire need of basic necessities and relief,” said Ken Barry, executive director of City Life Center. “We want to give kids something to do and provide healthy in-between snacks.”

In addition to providing food and activities for families, the center’s care kits will have cleaning supplies that parents may have difficulty finding due to shortages.

“We also want to provide parents with the tools they need to maintain a safe and sanitized environment that will help prevent the spread of coronavirus,” said Barry.

Parent engagement coordinator Eloise Smith emphasized the significance of supporting the community during challenging times.

“I think what we’re doing is really important,” said Smith. “I’ve been contacting parents asking about their needs and making sure they’re safe.”

“It’s important to show that we are a part of the community and working together during these times,” she said.

About City Life Center

City Life Center is a non-profit organization based in Gary, Indiana, that helps families thrive by connecting them to opportunities, resources, and information. CLC is a recipient of the Indiana Department of Education’s 21st Century Community Learning Center grant. For more information, visit or call 219-880-4851.

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