Monday, December 11, 2023

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A message from Lansing Mayor Patty Eidam

by Patty Eidam, Mayor, Village of Lansing, IL

Dear Lansing Residents and Businesses:

Governor Pritzker’s current state-wide Executive “Stay-at-Home” order has changed the lives of millions of Illinois residents, including all of us here in Lansing. We have been learning quickly to adjust and adapt — while maintaining our community spirit.

The effect on gatherings

New in this order is a tighter restriction on gatherings. All public and private gatherings outside a single household or living unit are now prohibited, except for certain limited purposes. Based on guidance from the CDC, any gathering of more than 10 people is prohibited at least through the end of April.

The effect on providing services

The outbreak of COVID-19 has also altered the operation of our village government. The essential services provided to our residents will continue. Our Police and Fire departments, including paramedics, are on duty and ready to ensure the safety and health of all of us.

But all municipal buildings are now closed to the public. Village of Lansing employees are still working while carefully practicing Social Distancing and maintaining all suggested precautions such as hand-washing and the regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces. I encourage all of you to adopt these new habits as well.

I am still in communication with our regional, state, and federal leaders on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. Local mayors have had conference calls together, and more than once Lansing has set a good example for best practices during these challenging days.

The effect on bars and restaurants

We are maintaining open lines of communication with our businesses and residents in need. Many Lansing businesses are still open, such as several restaurants that are prepared for delivery or take-out. Other businesses such as those that carry food and health needs, as well as those that provide other essential items and services, are also open. Please make every effort to support these businesses as they work through this incredible economic challenge. My administration and I are committed to doing everything possible to support our businesses during this time.

A special thank-you

I’d like to take a moment to thank our Village employees and staff. They have families and each other to take into consideration, and yet we are counting on them to keep our village running — and, yes, they are stepping up during this very difficult time.

Staying informed

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be an incredibly fluid situation, with information changing and updating on a daily basis. I want to again assure you that we continue to monitor all developments and will keep you informed of all necessary steps needed to ensure the well-being of our Village employees and residents.

Staying safe and healthy

I ask all of you to follow the directives of the Governor’s order to best ensure your health and welfare, as well as that of all others.

I also urge you to remain calm and join me in being confident in Lansing and its never-ending ability to show strength and compassion during times of need.

We are in this together. Please stay safe and healthy.
Mayor Patty Eidam

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