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Lansing Beautification Committee seeking green thumbs

by Charles Buiter

LANSING, Ill. (March 25, 2020) – With winter coming to a halt, the Lansing Beautification Committee will be springing to action, though committee chair Vivian Payne is remaining flexible given current uncertainties.

“We don’t start planting until mid-May, so I’m hoping that things are fairly normal in the world by then!” said Payne in a March 25 email.

For the past two years, the Beautification Committee has been responsible for planting and maintaining flowers along Ridge Road in the downtown business district, as well as Village Hall, the Youth Center, History Plaza, and Fox Pointe. The committee also maintains and plants flowers at all nine welcome signs at Lansing’s borders.

Beautification Committee Chair Vivian Payne leads a team in planting flowers at the History Plaza last year. Payne is looking for additional volunteers to join the Beautification Committee this year. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

Planting and maintaining a combined 55 pots across Lansing requires volunteers, and as spring rolls around, business for the committee will begin to bloom. Committee chair Payne describes it as “a group of residents that are interested in planting and beautifying our community.” She also emphasises “personal schedule flexibility” for volunteers, encouraging those interested to get involved regardless of their availability. Finally, she adds that “we only expect volunteers to do what they can.”

Committee members may attend monthly meetings from May to October. In addition, they spend a day in May planting flowers in the business district pots. Then, a committee member or two is assigned to care for each welcome sign. In September, volunteers remove all summer flowers and set out fall flowers.

“Everyone’s availability is different—some volunteers are able to help out more often than others,” Payne said.

Lansing residents interested in planting flowers and beautifying their community can give their green thumbs up by contacting Vivian Payne directly:

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