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2020 Census invitations arrive March 12-20

The Lansing Journal invites readers to share their photos and experiences

information provided by the US Census Bureau and The Lansing Journal

LANSING, Ill. (March 11, 2020) — Ninety-five percent or about 143 million households in the country will receive an initial invitation to respond to the 2020 Census in their mailboxes between March 12 and 20. Households are encouraged to respond as soon as they receive their invitation.

Report on your experience

The Lansing Journal is interested in informally documenting Lansing residents’ experience as they receive the invitation and participate in Census 2020. Residents are invited to submit selfies or family photos of themselves with the invitation, along with the date they received it and the date they completed the census.

The Lansing Journal is also curious about resident experiences taking the census. Residents are invited to email answers to such questions as:

  • Were the instructions easy to follow?
  • Did you choose to take the census online, by phone, or by mail?
  • Did you take the census the same day you received the invitation?
  • How long did it take you to complete the census?

Photos and information can be emailed directly to The Lansing Journal:

More about the invitations

About 112 million households in the United States will receive an invitation encouraging them to respond online or by phone, while approximately 31 million households will receive an invitation along with a paper questionnaire.

All invitations will include a short phrase in English and 12 additional languages inviting people to respond online or by phone in their language. In areas where 20 percent or more of the households need Spanish assistance, the invitations will be in both English and Spanish.

All households receiving an invitation in the mail will receive a second letter in the mail shortly after reminding them to respond. Then, households that still haven’t responded will receive a series of additional reminders, including a paper questionnaire in mid-April. Census takers will follow up with households that don’t respond to collect responses in person.

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