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Pritzker administration announces street intervention program grant opportunity

information provided by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

CHICAGO, Ill. (December 21, 2019) – Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) Acting Executive Director Jason Stamps today announced a funding opportunity to expand and enhance street intervention programs that interrupt and prevent cycles of violence that harm Illinois families and communities.

About $1.9 million in state funding is available to nonprofit organizations and government entities that operate a street intervention program outside Chicago. Funds may be used to enhance an existing street intervention program (provide additional services) or to expand an existing street intervention program (serve more high-risk community members). Grants were awarded earlier this year to programs offering Chicago-based street intervention services.

Street-level violent crime has widespread community impact that spans beyond its direct victims. Addressing street-level violence is important, as experiencing or witnessing this type of violence can increase fear and distrust among community members and reduce their feelings of safety. Exposure to violence also may result in post-traumatic stress disorder and other negative short- and long-term outcomes for individuals and communities.

“Street intervention is critical to making communities safer,” said Stamps. “We urge community-based organizations and others that provide these critical street intervention programs to take advantage of available funding to expand or enhance their current street intervention services.”

Street intervention programs reduce street-level violence by using outreach workers to engage community members who are at an immediate risk of either being victimized or perpetrating violence. Outreach staff are credible messengers who engage with these individuals in a variety of settings, focus on building trusting relationships, and mediate existing and potential conflicts to prevent violent incidents. Outreach and support staff also serve as service connectors and provide continued support to high-risk individuals and their families.

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