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Munster’s Dance Gallery allows kids to explore a variety of dance styles

by Natalie Togtman, Illiana journalism student

MUNSTER, Ind. (September 10, 2019) – In June 1991, Amy White Hanas opened the doors of the Dance Gallery in Munster, Indiana, on Ridge Road.

Today, White Hanas is a Director at the studio and a dance instructor.

“I can’t name just one favorite thing about being a dance instructor,” White Hanas said, “but I do have many students who danced at the studio from the time they were three until high school, and years later they bring back their kids! It makes it feel like a family!”

The Dance Gallery offers a variety of classes—Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, and Modern.

White Hanas explained, “Our levels begin at age 3 with Dance Exploration 1, which is a ballet-based class appropriate for that age group. Then they move to Dance Exploration 2, Pre Ballet 1, and Pre Ballet 2. Ballet levels continue at levels 1-4 as do Contemporary, Jazz, and Hip Hop. Children are allowed to add other styles besides ballet at age 6.”

Students in the Exploration 1 class practice their moves. (Photo: Merriment Photography)

The studio also offers a program called “Dance in Love,” which is faith-based. “Dance in Love” dances at charity fundraisers and nursing homes, and the group also attends a Christian dance convention.

“Something that makes our studio stand out,” said White Hanas, “is that we teach children correctly, and each child will be genuinely cared for by the instructors.”

The Dance Gallery is located at 27 Ridge Road #1 in Munster, Indiana 46321.

The Dance Gallery is located at 27 Ridge Road #1 in Munster, Indiana 46321. (Photo: Natalie Togtman)
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