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ICJIA seeks survey participation from LGBTQ+ individuals who have experienced harm

Results will help shape funding priorities to address the community’s service needs across Illinois

information provided by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

CHICAGO, Ill. (September 11, 2019) – The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) is conducting a survey to gather information on harm and help-seeking experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals living in Illinois.

Research indicates LGBTQ+ individuals experience higher rates of crime—specifically higher rates of violent crime. ICJIA researchers collaborated with LGBTQ+ service providers and advocates to design a survey for LGBTQ+ individuals who have experienced harm that will help inform local and state-level policies and practices to address victimization within the community. The survey covers a range of topics, including stressful experiences, disclosure of victimization, and need for and receipt of services after experiencing harm.

Participant feedback also will help shape priorities for federal Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) and Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) program funding. Last year, ICJIA disbursed $51.8 million in VOCA and VAWA funds to victim service providers across Illinois.

“This survey invitation is extended to anyone in the Illinois LGBTQ+ community who has experienced harm. Community engagement is vitally important to ICJIA’s goals of improving the impact and cost effectiveness of the criminal justice system and developing comprehensive strategies to assist victims,” said Acting Executive Director Jason Stamps.

The 45- to 60-minute survey can be taken online or via hard copy. Participants will be asked to complete a brief screening process either online or by phone prior to taking the survey. Survey respondents will receive a $10 gift card for their participation.

For more information or to take the survey, go to:

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