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Lansing police respond to armed robbery

Suspect at large

information provided by the Lansing Police Department

LANSING, Ill. (August 19, 2019) – On August 18, 2019, at approximately 10:33am, the Lansing Police Department responded to the Auto Zone, located at 18307 Torrence Avenue, for a report of an armed robbery that had just occurred.

Upon arrival, officers located a male victim outside the business with a gunshot wound to the chest. The victim, age 58, was treated by Lansing Paramedics and transported to Munster Community Hospital for treatment. The victim was ultimately treated and released from the hospital that same day.

The investigation revealed that an African American male subject entered the store and displayed a handgun. After taking an undetermined amount of money, the offender fled on foot. The male victim exited the store, in an attempt to obtain the offending vehicle information, and was subsequently shot by the offender.

The offender is described as an African America male, 5’08”- 5’11” with a thin build. He was last seen leaving the area in a black SUV.

If anyone has additional information concerning this event, they are asked to contact the Lansing Police Department at 708-895-7150.

The Lansing Police Department is located at 2710 E 170th Street in Lansing, Illinois.

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  1. Bold and brazen. Every man for himself. No regard for life.

    It could be said of the robber of the Auto Zone. It could also be said of anyone who voted ‘yea’ to Off Track Betting (OTB). You, Trustees, have tied yourselves to this ongoing, ever increasing problematic criminal activity with your nod, but not without the approval of Mayor and Administrator. In doing so you added fuel to this fire that exists all too frequently in Lansing. Whether by hook or by crook, money is at this core and your invitation to gambling threw open our doors to winner take all. Armed robbery is winner take all, as is gambling.

    Ask the man wounded while attempting to gain identifiable information of the criminal if he sees OTB as a boon to our village, or more of the same that attracts such ilk. Open your eyes to a very real possibility that business owners will not subject themselves or their employees to the criminal activity growing in Lansing…and the OTB isn’t even up and running yet.

    Mayor, Administrator and Trustees are elected to address issues that affect life in Lansing—economic development, public safety, roads and infrastructure, finances, and property. The choices to accomplish this are many. Maybe the residents of Lansing don’t have to move away to get the life they so desire. Maybe the voters of this town should stay and remove those making poor decisions on our behalf that will prove to only bait more criminal activity. There may be a cost to breaking promises entered into with gaming representatives–think of it as only money. Can you say the same for loss of life and livelihood?

    Time to put out the fire before it consumes everything we should hold dear. May God protect us all.

  2. your report is in error i was not out-side i was in-side of the phone and gambling is a whole different subject

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