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Dr. Sharon Duncan to retire from Elim Christian Services

Dr. Vanessa Scott to take over this fall

information provided by Elim Christian Services

Dr. Sharon Duncan (Photo provided)
CRESTWOOD, Ill. (June 21, 2019) – Elim Christian Services announced on Friday that Dr. Sharon Duncan, Vice President of Programming, will retire effective June 25, 2019. Her successor, Dr. Vanessa Scott, will step into the role starting this fall.

Duncan has acted as the Vice President of Programming since April 2015, and has given her time and expertise to Elim for over 20 years. As Vice President of Programming she supported the initiative that is now called Elim Learning in order to fully equip Elim staff, partners, and surrounding communities to serve and be advocates for individuals with disabilities. Duncan also worked with Elim’s Adult Services team to transition to a community-based program, and she played an important part in positioning Elim well with regulatory and accreditation agencies, including overseeing two outstanding CARF evaluations.

Other roles

Duncan began her time with Elim in 2001 as a special education teacher, and she transitioned into an Assistant Principal position. While teaching elsewhere, she remained a consultant for Elim’s educational services and outreach, and she was a frequent volunteer.

Dr. Duncan is excited to see Elim move forward as it continues to establish its identity of being a source of education and growth for not only Elim’s students and adults, but for its staff and surrounding communities. She is proud that Elim exists to showcase the strengths, skills, and value of all people.

“Sharon has been a strong advocate for all Elim does in programming. She is deeply passionate in this field, and because of that, she has been driven to do everything she can to campaign for the individuals and communities Elim serves,” said Dr. Bill Lodewyk, Elim President.

In conjunction with her roles at Elim, Duncan has been an educator for 39 years. She has taught at 13 different schools and educated students from Kindergarten through Master’s level courses. She reflected that she had to move on from many schools and positions, yet Elim remained the place she kept coming back to. “Even when I didn’t spend my days physically working in Elim’s buildings, I still used every opportunity to share my ‘Elim’ with the world,” said Duncan.

“I want to commend Sharon for the amazing job she has done at Elim, and the work she has done for positioning the organization for future opportunities,” said Lodewyk. “Her experience, knowledge, and hard work have served Elim really well over the years. I look forward to the future of this role, as Sharon has paved the way for Elim to continue to be a vibrant and impactful community.”

About Elim Christian Services

Elim, founded 70 years ago, currently provides community day services to over 220 adults with disabilities as well as educational services to 258 students from dozens of Chicago area school districts. Both nationally and internationally, Elim also provides professional development and consultation services to schools and ministries that seek inclusive opportunities that better support people with disabilities.

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