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Thornton Township offers relationship advice through ‘Honest Conversation’

Event scheduled Thursday, June 13; RSVPs required June 10

information provided by Thornton Township

RIVERDALE, Ill. (May 24, 2019) – Thornton Township is hosting its first relationship seminar on Thursday, June 13, 6:00–9:00pm. The free seminar, which takes place at 14323 S. Halsted Avenue in Riverdale, features relationship experts taking the audience through an open and honest initial conversation about single men and women dating relationships.

“Everyone communicates differently, based on so many factors,” said Ernst Lamothe Jr., communication manager at Thornton Township. “We wanted to bring single people into a room together to have a relaxed and in-depth conversation about how men and women communicate.” Lamothe says that finding someone physically attractive is easy; keeping that connection and figuring out how to navigate dating is a different story.

The Honest Conversation seminar will bring men and women of every age group in the same room to talk about various common themes. Through guided conversation and specific communication tactics, men and women will learn to pick the right path and make the best relationship communication decisions.

“We want to help people learn communication mistakes men and women make in relationships—and how to avoid them,” said Dr. Jerry Weems, director for the Youth and Family Services Department. “We can learn so much from having a civil and honest conversation instead of picking apart each other’s communication style.”

In addition, experts will help people gain knowledge on creating healthy and better relationships over time, improving dating satisfaction by understanding how men and women communicate differently and have different expectations for relationships.

Attendees must RSVP by June 10. To register, call Gale Tinsley: 708-596-6040, x2008 or email [email protected].

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